Havis will warranty its installation against defects directly related to the craftsmanship of the installation. This includes such items as improper gauge wire, faulty connections and/or mounting of equipment. This warranty only applies to authorized installations complete by Havis. See Exceptions:

Equipment Warranty & Returns

Havis will honor the manufacturer’s warranty on all equipment purchased through Havis in accordance to manufacturer’s warranty policy from date of purchase. If the manufacturer will warranty the part at no cost to Havis, the customer will not be charged. Note: Shipping and / or handling fees are not included in the warranty and the customer will be billed for any shipping and / or handling fees Havis incurs as a result of the warranty transaction, if applicable.

Return Authorization

Customer must complete factory Return Authorization Form and receive authorization number prior to submitting goods. Havis must be notified and give it consent for the return of the item (s). RA# must cleared marked on outside of package. Items found upon inspection to be defective in material or workmanship by Havis will be replaced. Unauthorized returns will be refused.

Duration of Warranty

This installation workmanship warranty is valid for a period of (36) months from date of delivery and acceptance. Once the vehicle is retired from the original in-service assignment, the warranty expires.

  1. All installations and equipment warranties are void if any person or individual that is not expressly authorized by Havis tampers or alters the installation or equipment, in any manner.
  2. Havis will not warranty any used equipment or customer provided equipment.
  3. Havis will not warrant any installation that the customer / agency directs Havis to complete if it is in direct conflict with Havis standards and Havis has advised the customer of such.
  4. Havis will not warranty any abuse or misuse of any equipment.
  5. Havis does not warranty user serviceable items, such as fuses and / or user error.
Service Calls

Havis will invoice for the labor and travel involved in all repairs that are not directly related to Havis installation warranty issue.

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