Recent Projects

Recent Projects from Havis Install

Unmarked Interceptor Utility

One of our local customers had us upfit an unmarked Utility. It features a Havis console, computer mount with docking station, trunk storage box, and an auxiliary battery relocation system. Also included is an assortment of lighting from Whelen Engineering, Federal Signal, and Soundoff Signal. All wrapped up with a Watch guard video system.

Berks County Sheriff

A Dodge Ram pickup for a local Sheriff’s department we did recently. Featuring a lighting package from Whelen Engineering.

Lower Merion PD

Here is a nice transport system we built for a local department. It features a Havis 80″ 2 compartment insert with OEM rear air adapter and vent hose protection. A nice assortment of Whelen lighting and Cencom lighting controller complements the vans exterior and all is tied together with a Havis 24″ console and Transit specific mount.

Berks County Sheriff

This was one of many we built for the Sheriff’s department. A nice Sedan featuring a Havis console, computer mount, docking station, and a slide out trunk tray. Also featured is a Whelen lighting system with Cencom Sapphire lighting control and a prisoner containment system from Pro-Gard.

Towamencin Township PD

Towamencin came to us with a 2018 Ford Expedition. This was the first build we did for the new body style. We outfitted it with a Havis vehicle specific console, TSD-101 touchscreen, in console printer mount and a bunch of other goodies.

The Havis Install Shop created a custom storage compartment between a set of Pro-Gard partitions to create a 1/3 prisoner and 2/3 storage solution. We added a second battery to isolate the aftermarket electrical from the primary battery to ensure a strong start every time the officer turns the key.

Running the system is a Whelen Carbide system to complement the Whelen lighting ensemble.

Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management

This was something a little different from the normal build. This was a Freightliner we built for emergency management. It features a Havis vehicle specific console mount with a Havis 30″ console. Dual sets of cup holders and a trio of C-USB-2 plugs to keep everything powered up.

Throughout the truck is an array of Whelen lighting including scene lights and emergency lighting. Running the controls is Whelen Carbide lighting control system.

Upper Southampton PD

Upper Southampton PD came to us to build their 2018 Ford F-150 Responder. We outfitted this with a Whelen lighting setup running through a Whelen Carbide controller. Pro-Gard partition and Setina window screens. This features the Havis Ford truck console with 30″ of equipment storage and internal HDM pole mounting.

Philadelphia FD

This is a recent build for Philadelphia FD. It is equipped with a Whelen lighting package running through a Whelen Cencom Sapphire. A Havis Tahoe wide console with computer mount and docking station in the front. In the back we upfitted it with a custom Rockland cabinet with Gearclear.

Warrington Fire Department

Warrington Fire brought us their new Tahoe for an upfit. We incorporated a full Whelen lighting package. We installed our Havis C-VS-2000-TAH-2 wide Tahoe console with a remote C-SM-1225 console in the cargo area for additional radios.

Fire department support vehicle

This is a recent build for a local department. We did a Whelen lighting assortment running through a Whelen Carbide lighting and siren control system. We added the Whelen external siren amplifier to run two Federal signal speakers mounted on the push bumper.

Haverford Township PD

Haverford PD came to us for a new Tahoe to update a vehicle coming out of service. We installed a nice Whelen lighting setup, much of which we transferred from the previous vehicle. The officer safety is ensured by a Pro-Gard front partition and Pro-Gard plastic seat and rear partition combo.

Prisoner Transport van

This is a recent build for a local county. It features a full assortment of Soundoff Signal lighting, Soundoff signal siren and light controller, Havis console, and Havis Prisoner transport insert. This prisoner transport is our 60″ high 120″ long 12 passenger 2 compartment system. Seat belts, seat dividers and grab straps are all standard to ensure the safety of all occupants.

Fire Department support vehicle

This vehicle is equipped with a full assortment of Whelen and Soundoff Signal lighting running through a Whelen Carbide lighting control system. All lighting is able to be turned into a white scene light with the push of a button.

Fire Department support vehicle

A local Fire department came to us looking for a new support vehicle. We set them up with a nice assortment of Whelen lighting, Havis console, custom made Rockland cabinet, and some other nice touches.

Newtown Fire Association

This vehicle is equipped with a full assortment of Whelen lighting running through a Whelen Carbide lighting control system. A Havis TSD-101 with the PKG-KBM-101 compliments the Havis console and keeps the interior clutter free.

Police department

A local PD came to us wanting a slick top SUV. We set it up with a Whelen lighting setup with an inner edge lightbar, grill lights, hatch and cargo window lights and four corner hideaways. Complemented with a Havis printer mount console and laptop mount to maximize space inside vehicle.

Fire Department

A Fire Department came to Havis while getting ready to order a 2017 Chevy Tahoe. The Installation Shop sales team worked with the fire department to spec out the vehicle to meet the needs of the department. Ultimately, their Tahoe was upfit utilizing the newest technology on the market.

A Havis Touch-Screen Display with Dash-Monitor Mount run the mobile technology side of things, while all of their electronics are safely housed in the rear mounted SBX box, which also has the Partition upgrade option to keep passengers safe from any gear that may be stored in the trunk. A Havis vehicle specific console finishes off the vehicle nicely.

As far as lighting, a fully featured Whelen set-up keeps the operator safe at all scenes.

City of Allentown

Havis has been building vehicles for the City of Allentown for quite a few years. These vehicles cover all aspects of the department’s needs:

  • Fully Marked Patrol vehicles featuring vehicle specific consoles and computer mounting solutions
  • K9 Units which include Havis K9 Transportation Units & Ace K9 Hot-n-Pop temperature monitoring systems
  • Transport Vans utilizing Havis Prisoner Transport Units
  • Various Unmarked and Command Staff Vehicles

All of these vehicles included lighting, siren systems, radio equipment, and all other aspects of law enforcement vehicle upfits.

Warminster Township

Warminster came to Havis looking to have two Ford Interceptor Sedans built. These would be the first Sedans brought in to the department since the discontinuation of the Crown Victoria.

These Interceptors are rich with technology. The Data 911 computer systems are mounted utilizing a Havis Dash-Monitor Mount and all of the additional electronic equipment is safely tucked away in the trunk on Havis trunk trays. Havis consoles and keyboard mounts finish off the builds. In addition, we were able to outfit them with Whelen lighting and a Carbide Siren system, for increased officer safety and situational awareness.

Next, a Pro-Gard Pro-Cell prisoner transport system was called on to allow safe transportation of one prisoner, while still affording the officer with full seat travel at all times.

City of Philadelphia

Havis Install Shop has been the primary upfitter for the City of Philadelphia for many years.  The City of Philadelphia knows it can depend on Havis Install Shop to handle the logistics of a large fleet, in a seamless and trouble-free manner.

Havis Install Shop has the ability to approach a multi-vehicle project in such a way that we can complete large quantities of vehicles in a timely manner, while not compromising quality.

Whether it be a marked patrol vehicle, K9 unit, Prisoner Transport van, Fire Department support vehicle, or even a Tow Truck… Havis has done it for the City of Philadelphia

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