Warminster Township

Ford Interceptor Sedans

Job Description

Warminster came to Havis looking to have two Ford Interceptor Sedans built. These would be the first Sedans brought in to the department since the discontinuation of the Crown Victoria. These Interceptors are rich with technology. The Data 911 computer systems are mounted utilizing a Havis Dash-Monitor Mount and all off the additional electronic equipment is safely tucked away in the trunk on Havis trunk trays. Havis consoles and keyboard mounts finish off the builds. In addition, we were able to outfit them with Whelen lighting and a Carbide Siren system, for increased officer safety and situational awareness. Next, a Pro-Gard Pro-Cell prisoner transport system was called on to allow safe transportation of one prisoner, while still affording the officer with full seat travel at all times.

Projects Details

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