Plymouth Community Ambulance Squad

Job Description

Plymouth came to Havis with an interesting two-part request. They needed a trailer built, and a truck built to tow it.  Their trailer was equipped with dual purpose emergency and scene lighting on all sides, which are controlled by a Havis switch panel.

Following the trailer build, the Ford Super Duty came next. A full complement of Whelen emergency lighting was installed and integrated into the Ford factory Upfitter switches, as well as multiple radios and a siren system. All of this equipment was finished into a Havis vehicle specific console for a complete upfit package.

Subsequently, Plymouth came to Havis with a custom project. They needed a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee transformed into a Chief’s Response Vehicle. Once again, a full complement of Whelen lighting, including dual sirens, and custom mounting of all lighting. All of their equipment was neatly mounted into a Havis vehicle specific Durango console that was custom modified to work in the Jeep.

Projects Details

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